I’m Still Winning!

Its-Still-MineSometimes I feel really guilty for not consistently updating my blog. But then I remember that no matter what, it’s my blog and if I’m not updating it, then I must be out living life. These past couple of months have been extremely busy and a bit brutal–mentally and physically. Today is the first morning in 2 months that I did not wake up completely tired, drained and exhausted. Not only do I work a full-time, very demanding job with loads of responsibility, but I also own a small business that still has to keep running, even when I don’t feel like I have the energy to make it happen.

Just over the past 7 weeks alone, from the end of October to mid December, I have:

  • Flown 29,430 miles across the U.S. (Oakland, Manhattan, Austin, Harrisburg, Lexington), around the world to the territory of Guam to conduct training, and to Central America for a yoga retreat
  • Been in/out of 16 airports, including Narita, Japan; Hagåtña, Guam; and San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Facilitated 11 workshops and participated in 2 national advisory meetings
  • Attended 2 one year birthday parties for past doula clients
  • Drove home to North Carolina for 3 days for Thanksgiving
  • Had 3 interviews for doula services
  • Conducted 5 prenatal visits
  • Taught 3 prenatal yoga classes
  • Tabled 1 Babies R Us Baby Fair, making contact with 11 pregnant and 3 postpartum women
  • Planned and hosted 1 Doula Meet & Greet at Greenberries for 2 couples and a set of sisters (one family just hired me! fingers crossed for the other one)
  • Applied for and received a scholarship to become a Bereavement Doula for families that experience perinatal loss, which means 12 weeks of study and training from January to March (!!!)
  • Participated in a continuing education class on breastfeeding

All things considered, I deserve to be tired AND to feel accomplished. #imabeast


National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities – Interview with Kenya Fairley: NRCDV

Focused and full of intentThe National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities is a project of Casa de Esperanza that builds bridges and connections among research, practice and policy to advance effective responses to eliminate domestic violence and to promote healthy relationships within Latin@ families and communities.

As part of our Domestic Violence Awareness Month (2014) series, we are publishing a series of blogs that highlight the work of organizations or individuals doing remarkable work in the anti-violence movement.

“My politics are always informed by who I am as a poor, Black, southern, feminist.” via Interview with Kenya Fairley: NRCDV

A Time of Transition: Setting My Intentions

My goal for this week is to become really clear about MY intentions for the quality of my life, my career, my business, my heart and my health (#endo #endometriosis #endosisters) over the next two years. Given how out of balance many of these areas are, my life needs a serious assessment and realignment of purpose, wellness, spirituality, and politics.

Earlier this fall I wanted to participate in the Skinny Dip Society Manifesto Adventure but as soon as I returned to work from my brief summer vacation, my workload imploded and it’s been non-stop ever since. I love autumn and this time of transition feels so right for me to reevaluate how I’m living and what I want for myself so I can truly create the life I want. Yesterday, I read this quote from 33 Brilliant Quotes from Legendary Black Women Writers and it reinforced this nudging thoughts within me:

“Everything I’ve ever done, in the writing world, has been to expand articulation, rather than to close it.” 

– Toni Morrison

This is how I feel about the work I’ve been doing within the movement to end violence against women and girls, as well as through my doula practice — to “expand articulation rather than to close it.” Now it’s time for me to apply this same principal and exploration to my own life . While I didn’t have a chance to participate in the #SDS Manifesto Adventure, I was able to save the image below for  inspiration and motivation.

I’ve been reading through these quotes from time to time over the past month or so. I plan to pick them apart this week and set myself on a course for greater fulfillment. Take a look, maybe you’ll find a gem or two in there to help spur you on, too!


Summer Guest Blog for A New Kind of Normal

Today I failed to adequately manage my endo-related pain. I don’t want to become overly reliant on pain medication but sometimes willing it away or hoping it will pass soon leads to me waiting too long to take a dose. Then finally, once I take the meds and I’m waiting for it to kick in to give me some relief, I’m writhing in pain and mentally berating myself. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me ill.

A New Kind of NormalAnyway, as I’m continuing to learn what works best for me and how to manage my illness, I wrote a guest blog for A New Kind of Normal (ANKN) titled, Ending Summer With A Bang (Despite Chronic Illness). I’ve been indoors working in the AC for much of the summer or busily running between doula appointments, births, ballet class, and the prenatal yoga classes I teach. However, I managed to squeeze out a couple of weeks for a mental break, some physical downtime, and getting lots of rest. It has been glorious! So, my post is all about how we can enjoy the last few weeks of summer before the season truly changes.

Working with ANKN was delightful and Jamee is a dear. She’s an inspiration and gives so freely of herself to help others coping with endometriosis. I love her spirit and I love Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness–an annual blog fest organized by ANKN throughout the month of March. I’m so happy to have connected with Jamee, a fierce and fabulous endo sister. Take a moment to read and comment on the post, Ending Summer With A Bang (Despite Chronic Illness), by clicking on the image below.

balance: dancer's pose